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Do you know Little Caesars Listens? This is a Little Caesars survey site on Do you hear the slogan pizza! Pizza! and get excited? It is probably because it reminds you of free pizzas that you get from Caesars’s right? Well, we all admit that they have great pizzas and a trip to any of their premises means getting you full. Here are more reasons why you should eat pizza from their premises.

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To all pizza lovers, little Caesars is a pizza place that has been around. They dedicate time, resource and their best workforce to make sure the public get the best pizza they can have. If you have had an opportunity to dine at their place, you admit that they impress with the number of pizza types they have on the menu.

Little Caesars has come from far. They compete with other pizza houses and all along, they have remained to be one of the best. For them to do that, they ask for customers’ feedback using a guest satisfaction survey. To know more about them and the survey, read along. Survey Summary

Purchase requiredNo
Age limit18+
ResidentsUSA and district of Columbia
Receipt validity3 days
Entry methodOnline and by mail
LanguagesEnglish and Spanish

Little Caesars Listens Survey

Little Caesars Listens
Little Caesars Listens

It is an initiative that the pizza house has been having for a while. It is a way of collecting customers’ feedback so as they can know. Little Caesars competes with other big brands and the best to remain to be the best and retain customers is by listening to their customers.

The guest satisfaction survey at  has a set of questions that every customer willing to take the survey must fill. They are about your previous experience while at any of their premises. They require you to answer the questions genuinely so as to give them a true encounter.

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Are the employees friendly? Do you get what you want and what are the changes you would like to see? Those are some of the questions that are on the survey page. If you are a loyal customer at any of their premises and you have issues you want to bring to their attention, taking the survey is the best way.

What do they have for you once you fill in the survey? Little Caesars loves the fact that you take time to fill in the survey, to appreciate you for that, they have various coupon gifts of food items and cash prize they award loyal customers. It can be a free pizza, cash prize or any other meal in their menu.

Why is Little Caesars Survey Important?

You may ask, right? Over the years, the industry has many other brands coming into the market. Each comes in with unique goods and services to offer. For little Caesars to cope with the competition, the best strategy is to listen to customers, as they are the one consuming their menu items. Through the survey, they are able to:

  • It is the goal of little Caesars to grow and remain to be the best in the industry, by listening to the customers who consume their menu items, they are able to improve here customers complain. That way, they continue to offer the best to their customers.
  • Increase their value in the market. Little Caesars has been around for long. With many coming to the field, they want to remain relevant for their customers. To do that, they must have the best items on the menu to make every customer who dines with them come for more and bring others with them. A survey will help.

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What do you know about your favourite pizza joint? Apart from the fact that they have delicious pizza with different toppings for you to sample, what else do you know about little Caesars? Knowing some facts about them may make you appreciate them more and want to dine with them often.

The pizza house came to be thanks to the founders Mike and Marian Ilitch. They had a passion for making pizza that drove them to start their fast pizza joint in Detroit, Michigan on 8th May 1959. They had one mission of making the best pizza that anyone has ever tasted.

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Through a lot of experimenting and coming up with different pizzas, little Caesars has grown to be the third-largest pizza house after Pizza hut and Dominos. Through franchising, they have over 5,463 stores all over the US states and that has contributed a lot to their popularity.

Since the slogan of pizza! Pizza! That signifies two pizzas at the price of one, they have become peoples` favourite due to the great offers they frequently have. Not only do they have pizzas on their menu but they also have chicken wings, crazy bread, and a variety of drinks for customers to have.

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Little Caesars Survey Requirements and Rules

Just like any other survey, the pizza house has a set of rules they expect every participant to follow hen filling in the survey. I know the prize they have for you after completing the survey might excite you but it is good to slow down and read the rules and requirements they have before you take the survey.  Little Caesars expects you to follow the following rules and requirements:

  • About the purchase. Unlike other surveys where they require you to buy items for you to fill in the survey, here you don’t have to. As you shall learn below, depending on whether the prize is a draw to win cash or a coupon, you don’t have to make any purchase for you to fill in the survey questions.
  • 18 years and above. Little Caesars understands that customers of all ages enjoy their delicious menu items but they have a strict rule when it comes to who fills in the survey. They state that you must be 18 years and above for you to take the survey. If you are less, continue to enjoy your menu items until you are of age.
  • Participant resident. Where do you live? The stores have many branches all over the world but you must belong to any of the USA states and District of Columbia for you to gain access to the survey questions. Make sure you belong to the stated states to take the survey.
  • About the receipt. If you choose to fill in the online survey, you must have a receipt. Please take note that once you get the receipt, you have 3 days to fill in the survey questions before the receipt expires. Take time within the three days and give your feedback.
  • Depending on the survey offer they have, you may take the survey online or enter their draw through sending mail. If you opt to send mail, you have 2 chances per period for you to enter the draw. If you choose to fill the online survey, you have one chance per period of doing it.
  • About the language. Which languages are you comfortable in and can be able to read and understand? The site gives you a choice of either continuing with English, which is the default language, or switching to Spanish. Choose one that is easier for you before you start.
  • About association. Workers and people associated with the brand are not legible to take part in the survey. If you work for them or are a relative of any of their workers, you are not legible for the survey. That also applies to any brand or anyone associated with the little Caesars.
  • Network-enabled device. If you are to take the survey online, you must visit the official survey site To do that, you must have a computer, tablet, or android phone that has a network connection.

Steps on How to Fill Little Caesars Listens Survey

Little Caesars® Survey
Little Caesars Survey

The survey is to let Caesars know. They want to know your feedback on how you find their menu items and services. Depending on the survey available and the award after the survey, you can take the survey online or enter the draw for a sweepstake for a chance to win the cash prize. Here, you get to know both of them.

Filling Little Caesars Survey Online

It is the method that most customers use at the end of the survey, the stores give you either a coupon to redeem a menu item mostly pizza and an option of entering a draw for a chance to win the cash prize. For you to take the survey online, you must have a receipt. Follow the following steps to give your feedback online:

  1. The rules state that you don’t have to buy anything for you to gain access to the survey. For an online survey, it would help if you have a receipt, as there is some information in the receipt you need to fill in the survey site to gain access to the question pages.
  2. For you to get the receipt, you have to walk into your favourite little Caesars pizza stores and order your favourite menu items. You can choose to have pizza or any other item on the menu that you choose to have. Once you finish, go to the cashier, pay, and get your receipt.
  3. Save the receipt for the survey. You need to the receipt for the survey so keep it safe for later use. Like stated in the rules, you have three days to use the receipt for the survey. Spare time to take the survey. The good thing about the survey is that it is simple and takes less time to finish the survey.
  4. Visit the survey site. Once you have time, take your network-enabled device, and on your browser, go to The page is white and orange in colour and you don’t have a hard time finding it. Once on the site, go to the next step.
  5. Choose language. Like mentioned earlier, the site comes in English as a default language. You can switch to Spanish if you understand and are comfortable with it. Once you choose the language scroll downwards.
  6. Location and zip code. Next, you need to enter your zip code and the store number of the store you got the receipt from. The information is in the receipt that is why it is good to save the receipt. If you don’t have the receipt, you can enter your location to continue.
  7. Enter invitation code. At times, the stores invite customers to take the survey. If you have an invitation to fill in the survey, you must have received an invitation code from the stores. Fill in the 10-digit invitation code in the space provided.
  8. Once the site verifies your information, you gain access to the survey questions. It is time for you to give your feedback by answering the questions on the site. Be genuine and only give data depending on your last visit. Once you finish, you get either a coupon code or a chance to enter a draw.
  9. Choose what is appropriate depending on the survey and write down the coupon code to redeem during your next visit. If you opt to enter a draw, fill in your information to enter the draw.

Filling Little Caesars Survey By mail

If the survey comes with a sweepstake, you can enter the sweepstake by sending little Caesars a mail. Here is where you don’t need a receipt for the survey. To enter the sweepstake by mail by:

Taking a 3”×5” Piece of paper and in it write your full name, address, phone number, date of birth and email address and send to little Caesars listens reward. Once they receive the mail, you automatically enter the draw to stand a chance of winning one of their goodies.


If you are a pizza lover, little Caesars is your place to be. They have pizza with different types of toppings and other menu items for you to buy and enjoy. To improve their menu items and increase value in the market, they have an online survey where they give you a chance to give your feedback. To appreciate you for that, they give you gift coupons and a chance to enter one of their sweepstakes for a chance of winning cash prizes.

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  1. just got a phone in order. was told it would take 15 min. got to yukon store in about 10 min. went to drive-thru, paid for a fresh pizza, and was told they would bring me pizza. waited about 20 min, no pizza. drove back to drive-thru, they could not find, after looking and telling them what the order was it was found setting in oven. this is why i called in order, wanted fresh and hot pizza. customer service is bad. store # 00129-00018. i know its all about money. i will pay more for pizza to get better service. you service sucks ALAN

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