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Do you know MoeGottaKnow? This a Moe’s Survey on Mexicans foods are delicious, right? There is a way it is made that makes you want to have a bite every time you hear about it. What if you eat Mexican food while listening to your favorite musician, it is fulfilling, right? That is what Moe’s offers.

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Moe’s as it is simply known by customers is a place that is a must go. Not only do they serve delicious Mexican dishes but they also serve it under warm, calm, and welcoming premises. The casual fast food joint is people’s favorite since they came to be.

The fast-food place, which has a special theme, offers delicious Guatemala, fries, tacos and many more dishes. What makes them stand from the others is the fact that they have a special theme, which makes music lovers stream in to eat while listening to favorite music.

Moe’s are still young in the industry. They face the giants in the industry by making sure they satisfy customers with delicious menu items. Another way they do that is by having a guest satisfaction survey where they listen to customers on what they think about their food and services. To know more read along. Moe’s Survey Details

Purchase necessaryYes
Survey prize$2 off coupon
Receipt validity5 days
Entry limitUnlimited

About Moe’s Survey


President Bruce Schroder manages the over 600 premises with the aim of making Moe’s the best. To do that, they ensure they serve the best dishes, have workers that treat customer with respect and keep the premises welcoming enough for the customers.

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The industry is competitive and as much as they are trying their best to satisfy customers, they still have to look of ways to know how customers feel. They want to hear what customers would like to see and have while at their premises. That is why they have a guest satisfaction survey.

The survey is available at It is a set of well-crafted questions that the officials expect and hope customers set time to answer. Through answering the questions, Moe’s management is able to know what customers want and how they are ferrying in the industry.

To appreciate what customers are doing, they have rewards for each customer who set time to give their feedback by answering the questions. The Moe’s management gives away $2 off coupon to every participant who fills in the survey questions for him or her to enjoy on their next visit. Sounds awesome right?

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You probably think, who carries around such a name, right? I wondered too when it first heard about the name. I was trying to figure out what is the name behind Moe’s. To my surprise, it is not the name of a person but a hidden you want to know the meaning? First read ho it came to be.

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The casual fast food place started in 2000 by raving band at Atlanta Georgia before later on focus brands buying them in 2007. The aim was to have a food place where customers would eat and drink while listening to specially selected music and that is what happens in every Moe’s place you walk in. Have you ever had a chance of being in one?

The Moe’s premises, which name means Musician outlaws and Entertainment are special. When you walk in, the welcoming warm restaurants make you feel at peace as you please your eyes. That is because the decorations and wall hangings of the rooms are full of music theme. What do they have on the menu?

While listening to the music of selected group of musicians, you have chicken, cheese mini cake, white meat chicken, tacos, pepper jack cheese and many more Mexican themed dishes. What makes them more special is that many menu items that they serve are pop and culture themed

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Why Survey is Important?

You probably have had a chance of giving your feedback thought the survey and ignored. Here is why you should take the survey. Through the survey, customers are able to communicate with Moe’s management. They are able to give their satisfactions and dissatisfactions.

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If you are not happy with a certain food, you are able to communicate by answering the questions. If you are happy or unhappy about how their employees treat you, you are able to let the management know.  What will Moe’s do with the information?

Through listening to customers through the questions, the management is able to know where things are right and where they are going wrong. Through knowing that, Moe is able to make changes that please customers. When customers see positive changes, they come back for more.

You also take the survey for the reward, I mean who doesn’t want some few dollars off a bill? If you were told that you can get your favorite dish for less during your next visit, am sure you would give your feedback repeatedly, right? Let’s see what you get for taking the survey.

Moe’s Survey Prizes on Sign Up Sign Up

What do you get when you set time for the survey? As mentioned above, each time you set time for the survey, you get a $2 off coupon at the end of the survey.  The management expects you to walk in to southwest grill Moe and redeem the coupon code.

For you to be legible for the win, you must make sure you follow all the rules and guidelines. That is to make your win legit and your claim rewarded. So, what are the rules and regulations that you must follow for you to win the $2 off coupon? Read along to know.

Moe’s Survey Rules and Regulations

What governs you to get your reward? It is obvious you don’t want to take the survey only to get no reward, do you? Moe’s management has a set of rules and regulations that they expect every participant to follow. They are available on the survey site and all you have to do is go them through. Here are the rules:

  • You must eat at southwest grill Moe’s. Unlike other surveys where you can take without a receipt, for the Moe’s survey, you must have one. How do you get it? You get a receipt by walking into the specific southwest grill and ordering one of the many menu items that they serve.
  • Save your receipt. You just don’t eat and leave. It is obvious that when you finish enjoying any of their menu items, you go ahead and pay. Once you do that, you receive a receipt as a symbol of your payment. You need to save the receipt for the survey, as they are codes you need for the survey that is on the receipt.
  • Must have a network-enabled device. The survey is available online. For you to do that you must visit the survey site using a network-enabled device. That means that you must have a phone, computer, or laptop with a stable entry connection to give your feedback.
  • Take the survey within 5 days. Once you dine and get your receipt, you have 5 days to give your feedback using the receipts information. Yes, the management understands that you might be busy with other things but they assure you that the survey questions are simple and won’t take much time. After 5 days, the receipt expires.
  • What do they require you as the participant to have? As a participant, you must be 18 years and above and be from any of the 50 US states. You must not be a staff member, employee, director, or agent of the Moe’s. You must not have any relations with any of the people working directly at Moe’s.

How to Give Feedback at

Once you ensure that you have what it takes to give your feedback, it is time for you to know how to visit the site and answer the questions. The procedure is simple and doesn’t require much knowledge to start and finish answering the survey for the coupon. Follow the following steps to give your feedback:

  1. Eat at southwest Moe’s grill. The management is specific about the Moe’s place that you are to visit. Walk into the southwest grill Moe’s and make your order. You have Guatemala, tacos, salsa, fries, chicken dishes, and other delicious food to have.
  2. Pay to get your receipt. After you enjoy your finger-licking dish over some soothing songs and ambiance premises, you go ahead and pay according to the price of what you eat. After you pay, you get a receipt from the cashier. You need to save the receipt as it has vital information that you need for the survey.
  3. At what time are you free for the survey? It is a question you should ask yourself immediately you get your receipt. That is because you have a maximum of 5 days to give your feedback using the receipt you receive. No matter how busy you are, you need to set some free time for you to give your feedback.
  4. Visit the survey site. Like mentioned earlier, the survey is available online. What does that mean? It means you must go online to the survey site using a network-enabled device. Take your device and using your browser, visit How do you know you are on the right site?
  5. The site has a bright red color with a festive picture behind it. It is a picture of people enjoying food at Moe’s. You also get to see the official logo on the right side of the survey site. The page is welcoming and starts by appreciating you for taking time to give your feedback.
  6. Enter the receipt information. Do do you remember the receipt that you saved? I hope you kept is safe for the survey, take the survey, as you need it here. Enter the survey invitation code on the receipt for you to gain aces to the page with the survey questions.
  7. Once the information is verified, you gain aces to the set of questions and it is time for you to give your feedback. The questions are about your previous visit, how you rate their food and services, about hygiene workers, and whether or not you would recommend them to others. What do they need you to do?
  8. The Moe’s management expects you to answer the questions genuinely depending on how your visit was. Tell, as it is whether good or bad. It is through the answers you give that they are able to know what is going on in their premises. Tell them the good areas and the bad to let them know.
  9. After you answer one page, you gain aces to the next. Answer all the questions until you are on the last page. Once you finish, you get the $2 off coupon code you are looking forward for. Write it down on the receipt since once you close your browser, you are not able to retrieve the code.
  10. Walk in to redeem the award. Here is the sweetest part, walking into southwest grill Moe to claim your reward. Walk-in, show the cashier the coupon code and order what you want to have. The cashier verifies your coupon code and gives you a $2 off when you pay for your dish.
  11. Remember that you have unlimited times to do this. Yes! You can take the survey as many times as you want for as long as it is available. All you need to remember is to have a new receipt each time you decide to give your feedback to get a $2 off coupon.


Delicious food while listening to favorite music is a feeling you should try. The Moe which has a music theme and dishes give customers a chance of dining while enjoying specific music, to make sure they continue giving customers what they want, they have a guest satisfaction survey at here they give customers a chance to give their feedback and get a $2 off coupon to enjoy during their next visit.

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