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Do you know MyZaxbysVisit? And how to do My Zaxby’s Survey? Do you love chicken? Who doesn’t, right? Not only is chicken healthy but it is also delicious. In my house, everyone looks forward to chicken night. My husband and kids come home early and do almost everything I ask them to just to have delicious chicken dishes.

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You wonder what I do when I don’t have time to make the dish at home, right? At first, it was hard to find a place that makes chicken as good as I do until I came across Zaxby. Now I drive into the restaurant, which is near me, and order some chicken for my family for them to have.

According to t nutritionists, chicken meat is healthy to have. They recommend having over red meat because of the low-calorie content. Due to that, it’s your task to look for somewhere you can enjoy some delicious chicken dishes if you don’t have time to make at home.

With many choices to choose from where do you get finger-licking good chicken meals? For us, we are lucky as we have a Zaxby restaurant nearby. They specialize in making chicken dishes that you cannot resist. Want to know more about the restaurant and how you can take their survey? Read along and know. Survey Summary

Purchase necessaryNo
Sweepstake entryOnline, by mail
Survey prize$100 daily, instant prizes and $1500 weekly
RestrictionsOnce entry and prize per person

My MyZaxbysVisit Survey


Just like any other survey, the set of questions are about the restaurant. Zaxbys want to know ho your experience as through the survey. I remember the first time I took the survey, it was pleasing to know they care enough to know how my experience was.

Apart from the crunchy chicken wings and other dishes, they are probably what attracts me to them. The fact that you can communicate your likes and dislikes make them people`s favourite and that is why you need to pay them a visit and take the survey.

Through the survey, they are able to know how you find their food and services. That way, they can make the necessary changes to a better restaurant tomorrow when you come.  By making the changes the customers want to see, they continue to offer great snacks and keep customers coming for more.

The survey is at their official website It is simple, straightforward and does not take much of your time answering them. What is amazing is they reward you for taking part in the survey. Do you want to know what you win by taking the survey? Read along to know.

Zaxby’s Restaurants

What do you do when you are hanging out with college mates? Probably you play a game and compete ho is the best among yourself right? What do you eat while you enjoy your favourite game? Well, that is what brought the restaurant to be, the thought of the delicious chicken wing.

The restaurant is thanks to friends who were enjoying each other’s company while playing basketball. They were thinking of how they could get delicious chicken dishes like the one they used to have at Guthrie’s while in college. They come up with the idea of making chicken like the once they got from the place.

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In 1990, they started the first Zaxby place at Statesboro, Georgia.  The idea and concept as to look like Guthrie’s where they used to get the chicken. The buddies started out in a simple ay and grew into what they have right now. That is by serving deliciously made chicken wings and other dishes.

‘Indescribably good’ is the slogan they use to describe what they serve. True to their word, they commit time, resources and labour to ensure their customers get the same chicken dishes that they used to get when they were in college. The business has grown to over 800 restaurants across south of the US.

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They want to be the best!

As the industry is competitive, every restaurant and food joint have to strive to be the best. That is what Zaxbys does. With what they serve, they want to keep customers coming into their premises. The restaurants, which are simple by looks, offer finger-licking good chicken dishes for everyone in the public to have.

In the whole of the southern US, they have become one of the best restaurants and ant to keep it that way. That is why they continuously add new items in the menu, have friendly and welcoming workers and they also show their passion for basketball. How do they do that?

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They do that by sponsoring DI colleges. Being the official chicken for sport fans means, they sponsor every institution nurturing basketball teams. To be the best, they also interact with customers so as to know more on the customers’ side of view through a guest satisfaction survey.

Through the survey, they are able to know what makes the customer happy and what they dislike. The questions guide them into knowing the changes they should make to make their services better and for people to continue coming in for more. Here is more about the survey.

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Zaxbys appreciate that you take your time to give your feedback. To appreciate you for setting time for the survey, they reward each person who takes the survey with a chance of winning $100 each day, daily instant prizes and enters you into a draw for a chance of winning $1500 every week. That is cool, right?

The delicious chicken dishes, the ambience premises, and fantastic prizes are enough reasons for you to give your feedback, right? The good part is that you don’t have to be their royal customer to win. They give everyone a chance to win by making it open for all.

As you shall read below, you can give your feedback with or without a receipt. Through they have restrictions to the number of times you can win. You can enter the draws as many times as you can. Now that you are halfway to knowing all about the survey, what do you need to give your feedback? Survey Requirement

Zaxbys restaurant has a set of rules that you must follow when giving your feedback. Before you go ahead and answer the survey questions, it helps if you go through them to make sure you are legible for the survey. For you to take the survey, make sure you are:

  • 18 years and above. You must be of age 18 and above. For Korea, they push the age further to 20
  • You must be a resident of any of the 50 US states, District of Columbia, Canada, Porte Rico, UK, Germany, Korea, Denmark, and Holland.
  • You are entitled to one entry per day. It means that even if you have multiple receipts to take the survey in a day, you are legible to one entry for the survey per day.
  • In case you enter the draw and win, take note that you are legible to one prize per every 90 days of the draw.
  • You don’t have to make a purchase to enter the draw for a chance to win. As you shall read below, you have two ways of entering the draw. With a receipt and without.
  • You must not be an employee, an ex-employee or have an association with anyone who works at Zaxby’s restaurants.
  • You must be able to read and clearly understand the English language as the survey questions are in English.
  • If you have to take the survey online, you must have a device with network connections.
  • Be ready to give your genuine opinion. The survey is to make them better by telling them about your experience while on their premises. They need you to be genuine for your feedback to be useful.

How to Fill Survey

My Zaxby's Survey
My Zaxby’s Survey

Like said earlier, the survey is simple. The questions are straightforward and don’t take much of your time. For you to enter the draw for a chance to win, you have two ways. You can do it online or by mail. Follow the following steps:

Giving your feedback online        

Giving your feedback online means you going online on their official page and answering the questions. For you to do that, you must have a network-enabled device and a receipt. Follow the following steps for you to give your feedback online:

  1. Buy any of their foods. Walk into any of Zaxby’s restaurant near you, if you live south of the US that is easier on you since there are many outlets available. There are also available in other countries all you have to do is locate one.
  2. While here, buy any of the chicken dishes. Once you pay, save the receipt as it has all the information you need hen taking the survey online. While enjoying the dish, observe every detail in the joint as the questions are about your last visit.
  3. When you have time, visit their official survey site with your network-enabled device. Here is where you find the questionnaires you need to answer for you to give your feedback. Once there, go to the next step.
  4. On the space of time, you visited, enter the time indicated on the receipt. Also, enter the amount you spent during your visit and the invitation code. All this information is available in the receipt and that is why you need to save the receipt. Enter the information and press enter.
  5. Pressing enter gives you access to the survey. Now you need to read the questions and answer them referring to your visit. The questions are simple and you will not get difficulties answering them. Answer until you reach the last question before you proceed.
  6. Once you finish answering all the questions, the site asks you whether you want to enter the draw for a chance to win $1500. Press yes for you to automatically enter the draw. Congratulations as you are in the next draw.

Entering by mail

Like mentioned before, Zaxbys restaurant sweepstake is open to all. They do that by having a way where people can enter the sweepstake without buying anything from them. You wonder ho, right? Zaxbys do that by having an option of entering the sweepstake through sending a mail.

It is easier and open to all as long as you are in the states that are legible for the sweepstakes/ for you to enter the draw and stand a chance of winning the cash, follow the following steps:

  1. Take a card and write by hand ‘please enter me in the empathic daily sweepstake for a chance to one dairy prize’. That is for them to know that the card is for the draw and get you to the right box.
  2. Once you finish, you need to write your full names, phone number, address, and send it to one of the three addresses they give. The addresses are:

Month/year] mail-in entry

C/o emphatic daily sweepstake

511 avenue of the amarica#40


0121 tangential suite 200

Mississauga Ontario, Canada


One victoria square

Birmingham, UK

Bi P D B

Zaxby’s Restaurant Contacts

Zaxbys place is always available to the public whenever you need their audience. Not only do they have the survey but also they are also available on social media and about us ion their official website. If you need a list of the previous winners or you need to reach them urgently. They have an official number on their website where you can reach them.


Chicken is healthy and delicious to have. When you don’t have time to make a chicken meal at home, you need a reliable place where you can have a deliciously made chicken dish just as you make at home. One place that does that is Zaxby’s restaurant.

What started as an awesome idea over a basketball game between two friends became popular and prosperous thanks to the passion and dedication they had. To make the chicken dishes and other services better, they have a guest satisfaction survey here they give customers and non-customers a chance to give their feedback and stand a chance to win $1500. Fill in the survey and try your luck.

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