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Do you know Butter Burger Believe It Sweepstakes? Do you take part in sweepstakes? Do you get lucky and win the grand prizes? Sweepstakes are a wonderful way of winning. That is because various sweepstakes have different prizes attached to them. If you do, here is more about the butter burger sweepstake and how you can stand a chance of winning various gifts.

If you are a resident of Wisconsin, I know you know the taste of true frozen custard. If you are not, then walking into any culvers is the start of your taste buds journey to a wild adventure of various flavors. That is because Culvers of known for making true custards of various flavors.

Culver is a fast food joint that is prominent in the mid-western states. They primarily serve fast food dishes including burgers, shakes ice creams, fries, and other delicious dishes. That place has been in business for over 30 years and that is thanks to the delicious dishes they serve.

Their signature dish is the butter burger and frozen custard. Culvers know how to combine the two to make every customer who walks in to dine happy enough to come back again. The fast-food place also has a sweepstake here they give away different hampers to participants.

Butter Burger Believe It Sweepstakes Summary

Purchase requiredNo
Entry methodOnline or call
ResidentsUS states
Age limit18+
Sweepstake prizesCash, gift cards and coupons

About Butter Burger Believe It Sweepstakes

ButterBurger Believe It
ButterBurger Believe It

Just like any other sweepstake, it is a chance for participants to win various giveaways from Culvers. The management came up it the promotion to give the public a chance of sampling what they serve in the fast-food joints across the US.

It is Culver’s marketing campaign of having more customers coming into their premises. What is amazing is the participants don’t have to buy from their premises in order to participate in the sweepstake. As you shall read below, there are various ways of entering the sweepstake.

Are you a US citizen? Do you try your chances in sweepstakes? Are you ready to sample what Culvers have? Then entering the sweepstake is a wonderful way of sampling the dishes. If you want to treat your family or your date, enter the sweepstake for a chance to win one of the gifts.

The process of entering the sweepstake is easy. Unlike others where they require a lot from participants, butter bugger believes it sweepstake is easy to participate in and what is more appealing is the gifts they have for every participant. Are you wondering what you stand to win?

Butter Burger Believe It Sweepstakes Prizes on Butterburgerbelieveit.com

The juicy part of a sweepstake is what you stand to win, right? Well, in the Culver butter burger sweepstake, you don’t have to worry. That is because you stand a chance to win a lot. Culvers have daily cash, gift cards, and coupons to give away. So, what am I talking about?

There is a total of $62,450 worth of gift up for grab in the sweepstake. How do you win that? The following are the different ways you can win in the sweepstake:

  • $ 5,000 grand prize. You should have this in mind when you are entering the sweepstake. That is because you also stand a chance of winning the cash if you participate in the sweepstake. It is the ultimate prize that culvers award to one participant at the end of the sweepstake in the form of a check or wire transfer.
  • 35 daily $1000 cash prize winner. You stand a chance of winning daily. Yes! With the butter burger believe it sweepstakes, you stand a chance of winning daily cash. Culver is giving away $1000 cash to one participant daily during the whole sweepstake period.
  • 70 gift cards. What if you won a gift card to pay with during your next visit? That would be fantastic, right? Culver is giving away 70 gift cards worth$25 each to 2 participants daily. That is for participants to use on their next culvers visit. It could be you if you enter the sweepstake.
  • 70 coupons. There is enough for every participant. If you are not lucky enough to win the above prizes, you could be one of the 2 daily winners who get coupons to dine at the culvers frozen custard. The $10 worth of coupon can be the next thing you need to make your next visit an awesome one.

About Culver’s

Culvers.com Login
Culvers.com Login

The history of the culvers starts in 1961 at Sauk City, Wisconsin Midwestern US. That is when the Culvers started a root beer joint known as A&W root beer. The parent of Craig and Lee Culvers ran the business up to 1968 here they sold it to start another business in the same area.

Craig Culver was in the university and after finishing his studies, he became a manager at Mc Donald. All along, he had a passion of starting his own business. Through his parents help, he rebought the A&W root beer and renamed it to the culvers in 1984. Did the business become a success from the onset?

Yes! What the founders Craig and lee culver know is to attract the locals. They did that by serving local dishes that the people in Wisconsin. Frozen custard is originally from the place so culvers decided to serve it all year round. That has seen them grow from being a Wisconsin local joint to other states.

The fast-food place has over 200 locations, which are mostly franchises. Although most are located in the western states, they are also available in other states of the US. Culvers also serve other dishes like shakes, fries, chicken, fish, sandwiches, malts, and floats that people enjoy having.

Wiki: Culver’s.

Butter Burger

I know you are asking hat is so special about the burger, right? Well, for you to find out, you must have a taste of the burger. By the look of it, it looks like an ordinary burger but you would be wrong to assume it is like any other burger. So, what is the difference?

The difference is how culvers make the burger. The chef strives to make it as healthy as possible while still maintaining the local culture. That is the culture of having buns coated with generous layers of butter. The end result is a mixture of textures and flavors that appeal to any mouth.

The bugger has lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, bacon or fish and layers of butter to add flavor and originality to the burger. Though there are other joints that claim to have butter bugger, culvers make the burger different from the rest, and that is why they have a sweepstake for you to have a chance of tasting the burger.

Butter Burger Believe It Sweepstakes Rules and Requirements

There are rules and regulations you need to follow in the butter bugger sweepstake. Culver has made it easy for everyone to understand the rules by laying them down in the sweepstake site. You can also read them here as follows:

  • You must be 18 years and above from the US. According to the rules, the sweepstake is for residents form the US. You must come from one of the US tastes to be legible for the survey. When participating, be ready to verify that you are 18 years and above and be from any of the US tastes.
  • You don’t have to purchase. The sweepstake is open to everyone. That means you don’t have to be a buyer at any Culver frozen custard joints available. You have the option of entering the sweepstake through buying and getting a code or by calling a toll free number, as you shall read below.
  • If you choose to enter the sweepstake through sweepstake site Butterburgerbelieveit.com you have to buy specific menu items to enter the sweepstake. Culvers have a value basket consisting of a sandwich, French fries, and a medium soft drink to get a code.
  • Culver notifies all winners through the mail, email or phone number participants give during the entering process. The cash prizes are in check form or through ire transfer. As a participant, you can request the winners’ list by writing to them through the sweepstake address.
  • You need a phone with an internet connection if you choose to enter through sweepstake site. That is because it is on the site that you are to enter the code you find on the bucket you buy during your culver visit. If you are to enter by phone call, ensure that you do so as a resident of the US.
  • The sweepstake runs for 35 days. Each day requires a new entry and winners are from a day entry. After the 35 days, sweepstake will be over and all the winners notified using the contact details they give during the application process.
  • No employees and relatives of culvers outlets all over the US are legible for the sweepstake. Make sure you don’t work at any of their outlets or have a relative who does. That is to avoid any conflict of interest in the sweepstake.

How to Participate in the Butter Burger Believe It Sweepstakes

Now that you know the rules you must follow in the butter bugger sweepstake, do you know how to enter? If you don’t, don’t worry, as you shall read here. It takes lee than 10 minutes for you to gain entry using either of the methods. The following are ways you can enter the sweepstake:


In the online mode of entry, you must buy. It is the most appropriate way for customers to enter the sweepstake and enjoy more goodies from culvers. You must buy a value basket from any of the participating culvers. The following are steps you follow to gain entry online:

  1. Buy and enjoy. Walk into any of your favorite Culvers joints and order a value basket. It is a special pack for the sweepstake that contains a sandwich, French fries, and a medium soft drink. The bucket has the code you need to enter the sweepstake site.
  2. Go online. When you buy, it means the following step is to go online. The butter burger sweepstake is available at Butterburgerbelieveit.com. Make sure you have a device that has stable internet to enable you to go through the whole process.
  3. Enter the code. Do you remember the code you got from buying the value basket? You need to enter the code on the sweepstake site. There is a space on the site that you are supposed to enter the code and you automatically gain entry to the sweepstake when you finish.

Through a call

It is an amazing part of the sweepstake. In the calling method, you don’t have to buy anything. All you need to do is call them, give the information they need and you are in. follow the following steps to gain entry to the sweepstake:

  1. As you know by now, the method involves getting in touch with the culvers team using the number they have for the sweepstake. Call the sweepstake team on 1-800-859-0625 and the automated call start giving you instructions on what to do.
  2. Give your first and last name, home address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, day and night phone number.
  3. After giving out the information, you automatically gain entry into the sweepstake

Culver frozen Custard Contact Details

Culvers.com Contact Us
Culvers.com Contact on https://www.culvers.com/contact-us

If you wish to reach culvers management, you can do that by calling them on 608-643-7980, fax on 608-643-7982, or write a mail through the sweepstake mailing address on the official site. The able management team responds to all your queries and questions that you may have.


Butter burger and frozen custard taste better when you walk in at any culvers fast food place near you. The fast-food place has been in business for long to know what customers are craving for. To get more from them, participate in butter burger believe it sweepstake at www.Butterburgerbelieveit.com and win.

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