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Do you know Target survey on Target is the eighth largest departmental retail stores in the US. The stores have been around for over 100 years and have proven to be the best. People put their trust in the store because they believe Target got their back every time they walk in. Do you have a target store near you?

75% of people in the US liver 10 miles of a Target store, so there is a high chance that you have one near you. What makes them stand out from the others is the striking red color that they paint in all their stores, which I find cool, what about you?

The stores are large, and so if the brands they sell. They have individual brands they sell ad also have separate that come in to sell products in the stores. From dog food to clothing, you find different products that you need every day. Did I mention how they blend with customers?

If you ask around or read, you hear people saying of how the stores make them save a lot. That is because they offer discounts, coupons, and prices off on various items. They make sure that you live their premises happy and contented.

Target Survey Details on

Purchase necessaryYes
Entry methodOnline
Survey prize$25 or $1500 gift card
LocationUS residents
Age limit18+

About Target Survey on

informtarget in English

Are you happy with Target stores? Are you contented with how they arrange the stores, do you find assistance each time you ask for help, how can you rate them compared to others in the field? Well, you don’t have to give me the answers to the questions because that is hat the survey is about.

The survey, which is available at, is for you to give your feedback depending on how your shopping experience the last time you walked in to shop. They always want you to have the best experience, but sometimes it doesn’t happen.

Through answering the questions, you are letting the management know how happy or unhappy you are. You can commend them for the excellent job you are doing and highlight areas that they need to work on. A survey is an essential tool because they get information straight from customers.

To reward you for the time you take to give your feedback and your loyalty, they have a gift for you. When you complete the survey, you enter the target sweepstake and stand a chance of winning a  cash prize of $25 or a gift card worth $1500. What would you like to have?

Target Survey – Is your feedback worth it?

Yes, the survey is an essential tool for the store. As you already know by now, they have been in business for long. There are so many competitors emerging in the industry, and the best thing they can do to remain in business is to allay with customers to make the stores the best. How do they do that?

By giving customers a set of questions to answer on the survey page, they collect data. They can know how the stores are daily. The stores know how customer feels about the goods, prizes, services and also the premises. What do they do with the information?

Armed with the information. They swim into action. The management starts making changes to make the stores a better place to shop. With the information form the answers you give, they implement, change, and improve hat customers want to see. Doing this makes the stores the best always.

It is a fact that target stores are people’s favorite places to shop. That is thanks to the changes that the management continuously changes. Better stores lead to morn come and many more stores all over the US, which sounds lovely, right?

About Target Stores Check a Gift Card Balance Check a Gift Card Balance on

You must admire the founder of the multi-billion empire, right?  The cooperation is thanks to George Dayton who started the departmental retail stores on June 24th 1902. It as a coincidence since it as after he acquired the piece of land where the first stores were.  What was the accident?

He bought the piece of land from Presbyterian Church after a fire strategy. The church didn’t have money to put back the building and had to sell the piece of land. When George bought the property, he built a six stonily building and bought shares from a dry food store to convince the owner to move into the building.

His partner later sold the remaining shares, and that is how the stores came to be. In 1980 they started opening other branches in other states to bring products close to people. They promise every shopper a clean and spacious environment where you can shop with comfort.

No, they have more than 1800 stores in over 50 states. They also have divisions, which are smaller stores in the states that sell their goods. The divisions are discount store targets, hypermarket supermarkets, flexible formal stores, all offering different products to customers.

Wiki: Target Corporation

Target Survey on Effect on Customers

Indeed the stores are clean and spacious. The uniquely arranged stores make people just want to have a stroll in the stores. The site of workers wearing t-shirts with the slogan “if you can’t find it, am here to help” makes you ask for help even if you know where the items are(sic)

Do you know that the stores can predict if you are pregnant? Such a shock, right? According to the stores, they can predict whether a woman is pregnant or not by observing their shopping pattern but don’t worry because they are not that nosy.

A trip to the stores welcomes you with different foodstuffs, clothing for the whole family, and toys for kids, furniture, home décor, utensils, and other products. Yu ill almost finds everything you need for your house.  That is why a trip to the stores is worthwhile

How they treat customers matters a lot. The assistants they have, friendly prices, many products, and a guest satisfaction survey. Yes! They have an online platform where they give loyal shoppers a chance to give their feedback on how their shopping experience was. Do you want to know more? Scroll along

Rules and Regulations of Target Survey on

According to the survey site, you have to conform to the rules and regulations set for the survey. That is to make sure all participants are equal and your win legit. The following are the rules and regulations as laid down in the survey site:

  • The survey is for loyal shoppers. The review is available for the people who walk in almost every day to shop in the Target stores. To make that real, you must buy any time in any o their over 1800 store for you to take part in giving your feedback.
  • Must have a receipt. To stay true to their word that the survey is for shoppers, they put user ID and password that you need for the survey in the receipt. That means that after your visit, you must save the receipt for you to be able to take the survey.
  • There is an age limit. You must be afloat 18 years for you to take the survey. In the stores, they have many products that please kids and young adult s, but they state clearly that the survey is for persons over 18 years of age. Make sure you are old enough for the survey.
  • You have 72 hours to use the user ID ns password in the receipt you get. It means that you must set time after getting the receipt to fill in the survey questions. When the 72 hours are over, you will not be able to take the survey using the receipt you got.
  • The survey is for US residents only. The stores are available in over 50 states in the US, and that explains why the review is for USA residents alone. If you don’t have a target store near you then this survey is not for you, and probably you should look for another one.
  • Also, note that the survey is not available for employees of the stores and their relatives. You should not have any relations with any workers of the stores if you want to give your feedback and win.

Target Survey Guide in Spanish in Spanish

If it is your first time to take the survey, you are in the right place. That is because you are going to rea don ho you are going to read how you will take the survey in simple steps. Follow the following guide to give your feedback on the platform:

  1. Get a receipt. The review is for customers ho shop in the stores, right? The first thing then is to walk into the store near you and shop. The good thing about the stores is they always have something for you to get. After you buy, get a receipt, and save is.
  2. Remember the time limit in the rules? Yes, you have 72 hours to give your feedback. Take time to visit the survey site and answer the questions. The survey is simple and does not take much time, so don’t worry about wasting time. What do you do when you have time?
  3. Take your network-enabled device, and on your browser, go to How do you know you are on the right site? The site has s white background and an official logo on the top left corner. The conspicuous color red also gives you a sign you are on the right website.
  4. Choose a language that you want to take the survey in. You have a choice to choose between English and Spanish. Choose the language you can read and understand without difficulties.
  5. Ta next to go to the homepage. Here, the site welcomes you to give your feedback through answering all the survey questions, but first you must enter the user ID and password. Take the receipt you saved and get the information from there. Also, enter the time and dates of your visit, which both are also on the receipt.
  6. After you press enter and the site verifies the information, you go to the survey questions. Start answering the questions. Refer to your visit and give a genuine encounter of how your visit was. No matter how pleasant tor unpleasant it was, let them know for them to take action.
  7. After you finish the last question, the site requires you to enter you’re your contact information. Remember, you are entering a sweepstake to win the prize. Give your full names, phone member, and email. When you press submit, your name comes into the sweepstake and stand a chance of winning one of the gifts.

Target Stores Details

The stores are friendly and helpful to anyone who reaches out for help. In the stores, they have attendants who wear red t-shirts ready to assist you throughout the buying process. If you are away from the stores, they have contact details for you to reach them and talk to find help.

How do you contact the customer care desk? You can call them on 800-4400-0680 or send and mail to mail-in address Target stores, target executive offices P.O. box 9350 Minnesota MN 554400. You can also find them on the social media platform or online for a chat.


What started as a result of a tragedy is now a successful business, thanks to George Dayton. He saw an opportunity, grabbed it, and became successful and famous. The stores have been in operation for many years, and the one thing they know ho to do is to keep customer streaming in.

That is because the management listens to the customers who walk in to shop. Through the online survey at, the administration gets information about the stores where bout firsthand. Take the survey today using the above guideline and stand a chance of winning a gift card to use in the next visit.

Target Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Target close?

As one of the large corporation businesses in America, Target announces a new closing hour. The change in operations is due to the pandemic. However, time still puts some vulnerable customers into consideration. Target closes by 9 PM daily since the coronavirus.


What time does Target open?

Opening up stores in this period is with enough measures to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Target, however, is very concerned about this fact and ready to protect the interest of both parties. It opens by 7 AM daily any day of the week.


How old do you have to be to work at Target?

The minimum age required at Target is 16 years. This minimum age limits you to certain positions in the organization. Especially at the distribution centers, operating powered machinery, if you are below 18 years you cannot work here, and cannot work once it is 10 PM in the stores.


How much does Target pay?

A seasonal employee gets paid weekly or bi-weekly depending on your discussion with the employer. The amount you earn at Target also depends on your position at the store which is a factor of the hours. Target payment ranges from about $13.04 to $20.40 per hour.


What is the starting pay at Target?

Earlier this year Target announced an increment in wages. This is to encourage the employees’ efforts and to reward them for their services. Initially, they pay about $13.04 per hour as the minimum starting wages. Thus the new starting wages are $15 per hour.


Who owns Target?

Target is owned by Brian Cornell. He is among the board of chairman and also the CEO of the corporation. With more than 350,000 members in different locations, he is responsible for the global business of target over the years.


How do you apply for a job at Target?

Getting into a target by a potential worker is quite very easy. The application process can be done online by checking the career page on their site. You can also use the paper application forms which are available at any of the stores.


What is the Target market?

In all its locations, Target is known for satisfying customers’ needs. This action is achieved due to its market varieties which range from beauty and health products, bedding, clothing and accessories, electronics, food, furniture, jewelry, lawn and garden, pet supplies, shoes, and the likes.


How much is the eye exam at Target?

Carrying out an eye exam at Target is relatively cheap. The eye exam is about $55, this goes with extra pupil dilation. You can also run a contact lens exam that goes for about $110. This is more for astigmatism or other special factors.



How to check Target gift card balance?

To check your card balance for Target:

  1. Simply go to the site ‘’
  2. Enter your card detail and information needed on the site.
  3. Type in the access number, and select the ‘check balance’ button.


What credit score do you need for a Target credit card?

For target regulars, the Target REDcard is a must to have. The target credit card is one of the best store credit cards in the state. Usually, the rewards are to help you save a bundle on every target purchase made. The score requirement is 640 on your card or above.

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