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Do you know Belk survey on www.belksurvey.com? When was the last time you visited Belk stores? What did you like and what do you want the management to have the next time you visit? Do you know there is a survey where you can let the Belk management know your views? Please read and follow as I tell you.

Belk Inc. is a group of stores that has everything trending and new. That is because they believe in people to be confident in their Eveready doing, they must look and feel good. That is why they sell hat everybody needs to wear to feel good.

Is it pixie pants that you love so much? A trench coat that you sow a celebrity wearing or a pair of shoes you have been longing to have? Belk has all that. That is because they sell shoes, accessories, cosmetics, clothing and also have furniture to make your home complete.

The stores are currently available in 16 states of the US. With the rapid popularity it is gaining, they soon will be all over the US, but to do that, they need your help. They want to hear your feedback once you visit any of their stores so that they can know what they are doing right and where they need to change.

Belk Survey Details

Purchase necessaryYes for the survey
Survey prizeSweepstake entry
Sweepstake prize$500 gif card
ResidentsThe US, district of Columbia
Age limit18+

Belk Survey link is www.belksurvey.com.

If it is not work, you can give your feedback on https://www.belk.com/customer-service/.

About Belk Survey

Belk.com Contact on https://www.belk.com/customer-service/
Belk.com Contact on https://www.belk.com/customer-service/

How often do you take surveys? You love the goodies that come with them, right? Belk Inc. stores have a review too. It is for customers who shop in the stores to buy. He survey, which is available for US residents, is available online at www.belksurvey.com.

It is a set of questions crafted by Belk management to suit everybody who shops in the stores. They are about hygiene, neatness, availability of products, workers’ conduct, and rating. What they want customers to do is take time to answer the belksurvey.com questions.

For you to take the survey, you must have a Belk store receipt you get when you pay for products from the stores and also have a device with network connections. As you shall read from the rules and regulations, there are other conditions you must observe hen taking the survey.

The belk.com survey rewards you with entry to Belk sweepstake for a chance to win a $500 gift card to spend during your next visit, what is lovely about the store is they allow people to gain entry to the sweepstake without shopping. Are you wondering how? You shall read below.

Belk Survey Prize

What do you get when you take www.belksurvey.com? You don’t walk away empty-handed after finish the survey. The Belk management appreciates every customer who takes time to give his or her feedback. Since the feedback is essential, they also want to provide you with something to remember them with.

When you take time to shop and give your feedback through belksurvey.com, you gain entry into the Belk sweepstake. The sweepstake is for awarding customers and non-customers with a $500 gift card to shop during their next visit.

Imagine what you would do is you were to win the gift card? You can go ahead and change your wardrobe, gift yourself with some sofas for your living room, or get designer makeup for a stunning look during your next date. How do you take the survey and gain entry to the sweepstake? You have 2 ways.

Origin of Belk Stores

Belk.com Login
Belk.com Login

Little is known about the store, but one thing is for sure is that the stores have been a success. The founder William Henry Belk started the first store in 1888 in Monroe, North Carolina. It was a fashion store where people could walk in and buy clothing and shoes.

People love the convenience store because you can pull a look just by walking into any store. You get fashionable clothes, shoes, designer makeup and also on your way out, get a cool couch or chess and drawer for your living room, is that not great?

So far, the stores have over 250 outlets in 16 states and still growing. They make sure they are conveniently located for customers to identify and shop from the stores. 50% of the stores are in regional malls, 40% are in the open-air community market while 10% are in lifestyle centers.

With $ 4 billion worth of sales in 2014, it is obvious they are accessible and have what people need. They have over 20,000 employees who serve customers who walk in to shop. What makes them improve their services is the belksurvey.com here you and I tell feedback on how our experience was in the store.

Wiki: Belk.

How to Take Belk Survey on www.belksurvey.com?

The Belk survey is simple and takes less than 10 minutes to finish. What they require from every participant is for them to observe the rules and regulations that you will read below but before you do, here is how you take the survey:

  • The first thing you need to do for the review is buying any product from Belk Inc. store near you. It can be a pair of shoe, a leather jacket, or a pant for your weekend. Once you spot hat you want, walk to the cashier to pay. When you pay, you get a receipt.
  • For the survey, you need the receipt you get. That means you have to save the receipt you get after you pay for your items. Please remember that you have 48 hours to take the survey using the code in the receipt, so don’t save the receipt for long.
  • Once you have time, take your device, and connect it to the internet. Visit the survey site belksurvey.com. The survey site is easy to locate with a secure browser, as all you have to do is visit the website and spot the store’s logo.
  • The first thing you need to do when you reach the survey site is choosing a language to use in the survey. The survey is available in English and Spanish. Which of this language can you be able to read and understand? Choose one to continue
  • The next thing you need to do is enter the digit code on the receipt. The reason hay you need to save the receipt is because the Belk stores print survey invitation code on the receipt. Take the receipt you saved and key in the 18-code digit on it to gain entry to the survey questions.
  • You immediately start seeing the survey questions. The questions that are about how often you visit, hat you bought the last time you visited, the hygiene of the store, neatness, and workers’ conduct engage you to answer all the questions.
  • Remember to be genuine. Whether your experience was good or bad, the Belk management expects every customer to give honest feedback. That makes their work more manageable when it comes to making changes in the stores.
  • Once you finish the last question, fill in your contact information. That is for the management to reach you in case you in after you enter the sweepstake. Give your full names, address, day and night phone number, and email address then submit to gain entry to the sweepstake.

How to Enter Belk Sweepstake without Purchase

Do you wish to participate in the Belk sweepstake but don’t want to give your feedback? Though Belk wants everyone to walk and shop in their stores, they provide the public with a chance to win the credit card to shop in the stores. You can enter without buying by sending a mail. Follow the following steps:

  • Take a 3″×5″ piece of paper
  • Handwrite your full names, physical address, date of birth, gender, day and night phone number and date of birth
  • Send the card in size 10 envelope to Belk Inc. Client Customer Survey 90 Rock Wood, Rochester NY 14610 and gain entry to the sweepstake.

Belk Survey Rules and Requirements on www.belksurvey.com

As said earlier, the belksurvey.com management expects every participant to observe the set rules and regulations. You also need to know what you must have to facilitate your survey taking. The following are the rules and requirements for the survey:

  • You must purchase the survey. If you wish to give your feedback, you must have a receipt. You must walk in any of the Belk Inc. stores near you and buy. The good thing is they have everything you want to buy so you cannot luck tings to buy from the store.
  • You have 48 hours to take the survey. Once you buy and get a receipt, you have 48 hours to use the code in the receipt to take the Belksurvey.com survey since the review is easy and takes less time. Set time for the survey to give the management the feedback they need.
  • You must be from the US to give your feedback. Belk Inc. stores are in the US. That is the reason here they require every participant to be from the US to take the survey. I if you are not from the US, wait for a survey for your location.
  • You must be 18 years and above. Belksurvey.com survey is for people US residents who are 18 years and above. If you are not 18 yet and enjoy shopping with your guardian, ask them to take the survey on your behalf or wait until you are 18 to take the survey.
  • The language of the survey. The survey is available in two languages, Spanish and English. For you to take the survey, you must choose the default one that is English or Spanish. Which are you familiar with? Choose one that you can read and comprehend.
  • You don’t have to purchase for the sweepstake. Belk runs a sweepstake parallel to the survey. While you must buy for the survey and gain entry to the sweepstake, for the sweepstake, you don’t have to buy anything. All you need to do is send mail to the address they give.
  • The Belk survey and sweepstake is for customers and non-customers who don’t work for Belk. You should not have any affiliations or be a relative of a person who works at Belk if you want to participate in the survey and sweepstake.
  • Have a device and network for the Belk survey. As you know by now, the belksurvey.com survey is available online at belksurvey.com. To visit the site, you must have a device and network connections.

Benefits of Belk Survey on www.belksurvey.com

Belk Customer Service

Why is the Belk survey critical? Why is it necessary for Belk management to know how customers’ visits are? The survey is vital as it is the best way for customers to give their views and opinion on what happens in the Belk stores. When you give your feedback, you give the store the data they need.

With the answers you give from the survey, the management samples them and knows what customers are going through during their shopping. What follows is a series of consultation and changes to make sure none of the unfortunate encounters happen again and encourage the good deeds in the store.

Were you happy with the products they have, do you love that they are clean and the shop neat? What gave you a head time finding? Telling all this to the management is the first step to making sure you get a better store to shop in the next time you visit.

When they make your experience seamless, it is obvious you will revisit the stores, right? Making changes to make customers happy increases their revenue and in the process gain popularity to more people who would like to shop from the stores.


Belk Inc. is a store that has fashionable, stylish, and trending shoes, clothing, accessories, and furniture. The store is a success thanks to customers who walk in and shop for the products that they sell. To make them remain to be the best, give your shopping feedback and stand a chance of winning a$500 gift card in the Belk sweepstake that you enter when you take the survey.

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