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Do you know Smoothie King Feedback Survey on Smoothies are relaxing, fulfilling, and full of nutrition. On a sunny afternoon, there is nothing relaxing like a cold cup of the drink down your throat.  Many doctors and nutritionists always recommend people to have freshly made smoothies. So, where do you get one?

While you can make one at home, you are not always at home. When you are out running up and down trying to get your errands done, getting a cup of the smoothie can boost your energy, right? If you are health cautious, on a diet or with certain conditions, you can’t help but be choosy on where to buy the smoothie.

If you have a Smoothie King near, you don’t have to worry. That is because they have the best smoothies in town. If you walk in every time you crave for a cup of smoothie, you attest to the fact that the categories they have are the best for everyone in need of the drink.

They have various flavors and types depending on the customers’ needs. The fact that it was an idea from a person with a health condition makes it the best to have especially if you watch what you take. The Smoothie King strives to make sure what customers get is what they came for.

Smoothie King Feedback Survey Summary on

Purchase requiredYes
Age limit18 +
Entry methodonline
Entry limit1 per household every 15 days

About Smoothie King Feedback Survey

Since Smoothie King is all about customers, they treat the customer as king. They understand that for the business to grow and expand, they have to keep customers happy and coming for more. So, how do they know that the customers are happy with what they have and what they need to change?

They know that by having a gusset satisfaction survey. The survey for the customers, which is available at The set of questions is about what happens in every Smoothie King premises. They are especially to suit customers who visit them on a regular basis.

The Smoothie King Feedback survey collect data on behave of the management. The questions are about the different premises they have, menu items, customer service, how often you visit and your overall rating. The information comes in handy when it comes to making changes in their operation.

Smoothie king wants you to voice your opinion. Tell them how happy or unhappy you are about their food and services by taking the survey. It the receipt you get when you buy, you can give your feedback and get a coupon to use during your next visit.

About Smoothie King

What started as an unfortunate incident turned out to be a business venture for Steve Kuhnau. When he was a teenager working as a soda jerker, he fell sick and went to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed him with hyperglycemia, a condition that makes you non-tolerant to lactose in milk.

While under medication, doctors gave advice on how to make food and smoothies full of nutrients while avoiding dairy products and that is how the idea came. He started the business in order to create a place where people with a condition as he can come and have a refreshing drink without worrying about getting sick.

In 1973, he opened the first Smoothie King at Kenner, Louisiana. He started by having different items on the menu. That saw people coming into the premises to have a taste of the menu items. Soon, the business grew to what it is today. What do you get when you get in?

The smoothie places have over 1000 premises across the US. In all the locations, the menu items are according to customers’ needs. They have for dieters, children and special ones which they have every day. The promise sugar-free freshly made smoothies that are full of nutrients and flavor.

Wiki: Smoothie King.

Why is Smoothie King Best?

Smoothie King Feedback
Smoothie King Feedback

Do you know smoothie kind has many awards? They gain recognition due to what they serve. The management runs each outlet with absolute sincerity and customer satisfaction. The following are reasons why you should walk in and have their menu items:

  • They mind about your health. Your health comes first. When it comes to what you consume, you must look for what your body can consume without complication. For people on a diet or who have a lactose allergy, Smoothie King is the place to be. The menu items are sugar-free, full of nutrients, and healthy to have.
  • The smoothies are fresh. With many eating outlets out there, it is hard to find one that has fresh menu items straight from the ingredients. According to smoothie king management, the smoothies at their premise s are freshly made from fruits and vegetables hence nourish you it the best nutrients.
  • Are conveniently located. What I love about Smoothie King is that you hard lack one around you. Every town you go, there is always a Smoothie King around the corner with almost the same menu items. With over 1000 locations across the US and still growing, you hardly lack one to quench your nutrient thirst.
  • Great customer service. What attracts you when you walk in is the great color they have. Each of their premises is attractive with bold colors and warm ambiance. The menu items are refreshing, full of flavor and the employees serving them are friendly and always with a smile to make you feel at home. Survey Importance

Why do you have to tell the smoothie management about your experience? Is it that important? While you are glad to have the $1 coupon at the end of the survey, the Smoothie King management is happy to know that you care enough to give your feedback. The information helps a lot in making changes.

With the feedback you give, the Smoothie King management is able to position themselves among the competitors in the field. The smoothie place wants to remain the best by offering the best to you. By you telling them where you are happy and here you are not, they make changes to please you the next time you visit.

If the premises are not as happy as you want, they make changes to make them cleaner. If you are unhappy with some of the menu items, they make changes to make sure that you get the next time you visit makes you happy. They also want to know who the workers are treating you so as to give you better services.

With the information they collect it the survey, Smoothie King makes changes that please customers. With happy customers, they have increased sales and more customers coming to have a taste of what they have on the menu. With that, they continue to be the best in the industry.

Smoothie King Feedback Survey Rules and Requirements on

Now that you know why they are the best and what the survey is for, are you ready to give your feedback? Do you know that you need and the rules that guide you are a customer? The following are the rules and regulations you must follow when taking the Smoothie King feedback:

  • You must be from one of the US states. The Smoothie King outlets are all over the US. For you to enjoy the menu items they have and give your feedback, you must be from any of the US states and be 18 years and above to take the Smoothie King Feedback survey.
  • You must buy to give your feedback. The Smoothie King feedback is for customers who walk in their premises and enjoy the menu items they sell. To give your feedback, you must walk in and get the experience by buying any of the menu items. When you get a receipt during the visit, save it for the survey.
  • You are legible for one survey per household every 15 days. How often do you enjoy menu items at your local Smoothie King joint? If it is more often, remember that you have one chance of giving your feedback in every 15 days. That means you can only give you feedback twice a month.
  • You have 30 days to use receipt and redeem the prize. For you to give your feedback, you must have a receipt. After you get a receipt, you have 30 days to use the receipt for the survey and redeem your coupon prize, after the 30 days are over you cannot use the receipt you save for the survey.
  • Have a device with you. For you to give your feedback, you must have a device with internet connections. That is because the survey is available online and for you to aces the site. You must have an android phone, computer, laptop, or tablet with internet connections.
  • Workers of Smoothie King a not legible for the survey. The survey is for those who don’t work for them. Make sure you are not a Smoothie King worker or a relative of a person who works in any of their outlets before you go ahead and fill in the survey questions.

How to Take Smoothie King Feedback Survey

Smoothie King Feedback
Smoothie King Feedback

Do you know how to give your Smoothie King feedback? After making sure you have what you need for the survey, you need to take the following step of going ahead and giving your feedback, if it is your first time, read the following guideline to give your feedback:

  1. Buy any menu item. The Smoothie King survey is for customers who walk in and buy. That is because they have an experience of what goes on in their premises. If you want to give your feedback, the first thing you need to do is walk in and enjoy any menu items that interest you.
  2. Pay to get a receipt. The next step that is obvious is to pay, right. After you finish enjoying your smoothie, walk to the cashier and pay. You get a receipt to confirm your payment. You need to save the Smoothie King Receipt you get for the survey as it has details you need to enter in the survey site.
  3. Take the survey within 30 days. After you enjoy your smoothie and you have your receipt, don’t sit it the receipt for too long. That is because you have a limit of 30 days to give your Smoothie King feedback using the receipt you have. After the 30 days, the receipt expires.
  4. Once you have time, take your device with internet connections, and go to The survey site has a red background with a photo of one of their outlets. Once on the page, you have a chance to read the rules and regulations but since you read them here, go to the next step.
  5. Enter the receipt information. Take the receipt you have and make sure it is not past 30 days since you had the receipt. Enter the store number, date, and time of visit as they appear on the receipt you have. Once you finish and certain it is the right information, go to the next step.
  6. Click ‘enter’ and answer the questions. Clicking takes you to the survey questions. Start answering them according to how your experience was. Be honest it the information you give as it is very vital for the Smoothie King management.
  7. Get and save the coupon. Immediately after you finish answering the survey questions, you get a $1 coupon code. Save the coupon by writing it down on the receipt, you have. Walk in with the receipt during your next visit to get your off discount. Call them on 888-472-1957 in case you get difficulties in the survey.


Having a health condition or on a diet does not mean you cannot enjoy a freshly made smoothie. That is what Smoothie King assures you. That is by having fresh smoothies of different flavors that are full of nutrients to enjoy every time you crave for a dairy-free smoothie. Tell them your experience by giving your feedback at and get a $1 coupon code.

Smoothie King Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Smoothie King open/close?

Most Smoothie King locations operate 7:00 am - 9:00 pm. However, there are few locations operating 7:00 am - 6:00 pm, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, 7:00 am - 7:00 pm, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm, 6:30 am - 9:00 pm and 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. It would be advisable to verify the operating hours on the Smoothie King store locator.

How much does Smoothie King pay?

Smoothie king like every other company pays its employees according to their work / title. For instance, a smoothie maker will earn round about $15,000 per annum while a district manager $74,408. Also, a store manager will end up with approximately $43,521 same year while a shift manager makes $20,000.

How much are smoothies at Smoothie King?

Fitness Blends $5.29 - $8.49
Slim Blends $5.29 - $8.49
Wellness Blends $4.79 - $8.39
Energy Blends $4.79 - $8.39
Take a Break Blends $4.49 - $8.29

How to make smoothies like Smoothie King?

You will need 1 banana, 2 cups fresh strawberries, 1 cup papaya nectar, 1/4 cup turbinado sugar and 1 1/2 cups ice. Puree everything except for the ice. Now add the ice and puree again. Your smoothie is ready. Consider packaged frozen fruit for a thicker smoothie.

How old do you have to be to work at Smoothie King?

For you to work at Smoothie King, you must be 16 years old at the very least. This is regardless of whether you want a part time or full time job.

What is club level seating at Smoothie King center?

There are 4 categories level seating at Smoothie King Center; these are Club, VIP, Box Seats and Suites. Club level is usually towards the middle of the stage of seating sections, above the lower deck but below the upper deck.

How much is a Smoothie King franchise?

The following are the costs to consider;
1. In line store
a) Franchise fee – $30,000
b) Initial investment – between $239,550 and $515,035
2. Free standing store – between $577,100 and $845,985.

How much does Smoothie King pay hourly?

Cashier $7.79
General Manager $17.58
Team members $8.88
Crew members $8.76
Warehouse leads $9.10
Sales associates $10.20
Smoothie makers $8.45

How to apply to Smoothie King?

You can visit your local Smoothie King location to inquire about current any openings. Alternatively, open positions are posted on Smoothie King Careers page and platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed; you can visit these sites too.

How many calories are in a large Smoothie King?

One large Smoothie King serving is 40oz. According to the nutritional facts given on their website, calories in a large smoothie depend on the type of smoothie.

TypeCalories averages
Fitness Blends230 – 1690
Slim Blends300 – 620
Wellness Blends230 – 680
Energy Blends530 – 960
Kids’ smoothies are 12oz and calories range at 150 – 240

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