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Do you know Regal Survey on www.talktoregal.com? Movie nights are special nights.  The facts that you get permission to eat, drink, and enjoy all the junk you want. It is time to get lazy and enjoy the latest film. Whether a thriller, drama, or action, where you watch your movie from matters. So, where do you watch your movies?

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While watching a movie at home is convenient as you get to do it in your pajama, walking into a real theatre is the deal.  The big screen, delicious popcorns, and a variety of other snacks make the experience exciting. You also get to watch the movie with other people making it more fun.

One place that I am sure makes you happy and give you adrenaline rush is the Regal Cinema.  The big colorful halls make you want to watch all the movies that they have on the board. The first time I went to watch a movie at the place I cried during the whole movie.

It was a drama movie and there as much going on. With my fellow whipping squad that we were with, we kept on passing wipes in the theatre hall during the whole movie but it was fun. I also came to know about their survey which if found to be awesome. Read along and know the second-best movie theatre in the US.

Talktoregal.com Regal Survey Details

Survey award$100 gift card
Entry methodOnline and by mail
Purchase necessaryNo
Entry limitunlimited
Age limit13+

Regal Survey Prize on www.Talktoregal.com

$100 Regal Entertainment gift card

One per month

About Regal Cinema

Movie halls have been there from the beginning of time. People love it when they walk into a special room to watch a movie with strangers. Whether on a date or with friends, it is a wonderful place to pass time. Eat popcorns and enjoy a movie. That is the business vision the founder had.

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CEO Mike Campbell wanted to change the movie world by coming up with epic movie halls for people to walk into and enjoy the latest films. That is why in the year 1989 he started the first regal cinema in Knoxville, TN and that as the start of rapid growth.

Regal cinemas started growing rapidly and within a short time, they had opened more cinema hall in the US. With many cinema movies released each day, people grew demand for their services. That saw them opening more branches.

Currently, regal has over 7300 screens and 558 theatres. They are present in 43 states of the US. They have taken the cinema experience to the rest of the world with locations in Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and in the District of Columbia.

Wiki: Regal Cinemas.

Why Regal Strives to be the Best?

Don’t you love it when you watch a thrilling movie an ambiance location? Regal ants to make sure you get that. They understand the film industry is an ever-growing industry and people are always looking for comfort and good snacks to enjoy a movie.

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With the constant discovery of different technology and gadgets, regal want to make sure that they take movie watching to the next level. That is by bringing the best of machines and gadgets to the movie halls for an amazing and thrilling experience.

Unlike in the past when people used to enjoy movies at home, more and more people and finding halls more entertaining and exciting. They can accommodate more people and brings an experience that one cannot get at home. Am sure you prefer regal over your home, right?

With emerging competition, they strive to maintain high standards by having the best movie experience in the industry. That is why they have a guest satisfaction survey. They want to know how your experience is every time you choose to watch a movie in their halls.

What is Talktoregal.com Regal Survey?

Talktoregal Survey
Talktoregal Survey

Don’t you love it when a brand listens to your issues and views? Whether you had an amazing experience or you have issues you need them to address, am sure you would feel appreciated if they gave you a chance to express yourself, right? Well, that is hat the survey is all about.

Talktoregal survey is an online set of questions that are at www.talktoregal.com. Where regal management gives customers and fans a chance to give their feedback. The data is to make them better by listening to people who seek their services.

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The survey questions are about cleanliness, the ease of access, friendliness of the workers, about their goods and services and also about rating them in general. Guess what? At the end of the survey, they give each participant a chance of winning $100.

Now, do you love watching movies at regal cinemas? Do you want to give your feedback on how your experiences are each time you walk to watch a film? Are you ready to in a gift card just by giving your feedback? Read along and learn how you can fill in the survey question and stand a chance of winning.

www.talktoregal.com Official Homepage

Url: https://survey.talktoregal.com

Sometimes the Official survey site can not work normally.


Importance of Regal Survey on www.Talktoregal.com

Regal wants to be the best in what they do. To do that, they must know their customers well. They are the one who seeks for their goods and services through walking into the halls. The survey is to collect data on how the customers feel about what they offer.

Through the answers that you provide, the regal management is able to make changes. The changes are to make their goods and services better than their competitors do. That way, they will always remain to be people favorite. What is there for the participants?

Each time you walk into their movie hall, the regal management gives you a chance of winning a $100 gift card. With the card, you can go ahead and enjoy other films and goodies that they have in their various locations. I am sure you are asking what it takes to give your feedback, right?

Regal Survey Survey Rules and Requirements on www.Talktoregal.com

The first thing you need to do before you go ahead and give your feedback is to go through the rules and regulations governing every participant. They are to make sure in case you win, you get your reward. They are available in the official survey site and all you have to do is visit the site and go through them. Here is a quick insight into the rules and regulations:

  • About purchasing. Do you know every vendor selling goods inside any regal cinema venues must use their logo in to products? Now you know. The good thing about the survey is that you don’t have to purchase for you to enter the draw to try your luck of winning the $100 gift card.
  • It means with or without a receipt from regal premises, you can be ale to take part in the survey and enter the draw for a chance of winning the gift card. The sweepstake is open to the public for everyone to try your luck either you are frequent visitor or not.
  • About the prize. You are entitled to one in per month. The prize here is a $100 gift card. The regal management holds a draw once a month and selects one winner randomly who they contact through the contact information they give after the survey or through mail. Make sure your information is correct and genuine.
  • The survey restrictions. The survey has a number of restrictions too. First, you must be 13 years and above for you to participate in the survey and enter the sweepstake. You also must be from the US. Any resident from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Ricco, and Main is not legible for the survey.
  • The survey is not available for regal employees and their relatives. For you to take part in the survey, you must not have any relations with any of regal workers or have affiliates with any. That is to avoid any conflict of interest that might occur in the process.
  • If you choose to give your feedback online, you need to have a device with a network connection. It means you must have a computer, laptop or android phone with an internet connection to enable you visit the survey site.

Steps on How to Take Regal Feedback Survey on www.Talktoregal.com

www.talktoregal.com Survey
www.talktoregal.com Survey

If you choose to give your feedback through the survey site, you need to power up your device and visit the site. To gain aces to the survey questions, you must have a receipt and it only means you walking into any of regal premises and purchase their goods or services. Use the following steps to get a chance to in the gift card.

  1. Enjoy a movie or some snacks form any regal premises. First, you need to walk in into any of regal film halls and watch a film. You can take your partner for a movie date or have fun with your friends over a comedy movie. Make sure you save the receipt you get from the place. Why is that?
  2. For you to gain access to the survey questions, you need to enter the code available in the receipt you get from the movie halls. It is easier for you if you save the receipt for the survey.
  3. Once you have time. Visit the survey site talktoregal.com. The site has pictures on one side and popping popcorns on the other. The features make it easier to locate the site for every participant ho is willing to give his or her feedback online.
  4. Once on the site, you need to enter the code on the receipt. It is the invitation code that the side needs to validate your visit. Enter as it is on the receipt and wait for the site to validate the receipt. You get access to the survey questions almost immediately.
  5. Answer the questions. It is time for you to give your feedback. You do that by answering all the questions genuinely depending on how your visit was. Whether pleasing or not, the regal team wants to know so as they can make the necessary changes for you to choose them more over the others.
  6. Once you finish the question part, the site prompts you to enter the sweepstake. Since you want to go all through, click on yes to proceed. The site will require you to enter your personal information. It is your full names, physical address, phone number, and email address. Fill in correctly for you to automatically gain entry for a chance to in $100 gift card.

Regal Survey by Mail

You also have a choice of trying your luck through sending a mail. That is for fans of regal but don’t have time to walk into any of their halls and purchase anything. If you want to enter the sweepstake by mail, follow the following steps:

  1. Take a plain piece of paper or postcard.
  2. On it, write your full names, address, city, state, zip code, phone, and date of birth.
  3. Once you finish, send to regal entertainment group 7132, regal lane Knoxville 37918 ATTN Marketing.

Contact Regal About Talktoregal.com Survey

Sometimes you might have urgent issues you want to let the regal management knop. It can be about their locations, services or you have a complaint. The regal management is always available for every participant and customer. You can reach them by calling them through 1(877)835-5734

Regal cinemas are also available online. You can reach them by chatting with them through their official website. They also have social media pages where you can follow them to know more of their services and chat whenever you have an issue. You can also enquire more on the sweepstake and they will be glad to help.


Movies in cinema hall have never been this exciting. Thanks to the regal cinema halls. The entertainment group offers customers with an amazing experience when they come to enjoy a film. To make their goods and services better, the management has a customer satisfaction survey at www.talkroregal.com where they expect customers to give their feedback online and enters a sweepstake for a chance to in$100 gift card.

Regal Movie Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Regal movie tickets?

Each Regal Movie theatre has different prices; it differs by the market in the area. You can check at the local theatre to find their precise pricing policy. Visit the Regal Movie’s homepage to find the price information of your favorite cinema. Type in your postcode at the page and then you will be redirected to the price information. The range of the price is around $13.00 - $16.50 for adults. There is a special price for children under 11 years old.

What does Regal mean?

According to the dictionary, regal is a word that has a meaning of majestic, grand, or glorious. The word 'Regal' in Regal movie means to show the premium quality of the service and facilities that they offer.

Is Regal AMC?

Regal and AMC are different. They compete for one another. Both of them are engaged in the film industry indeed. But, they are not the same company, because they have different management.

How to redeem Regal premiere movie ticket on App?

You can redeem your Regal premiere ticket through Regal APP. Simply follow these steps to redeem:

  1. Open up the Regal APP.
  2. Select your favorite movie.
  3. Click the button with notes 'Buy Tickets.'
  4. Define when you want to watch. Select the available date and time.
  5. Select the number of tickets.
  6. Enter the promo code beneath the page.
  7. Enter your 15 digits’ ticket number and then click 'Redeem.'

The redemption is successful when they show you the word 'Success' on the page.

What is my balance on my Regal gift card?

The balance on 'my regal gift card' means the amount of balance that you already buy. You can use your balance to redeem with movie tickets. If you still have some balance left on your gift card after used, you can redeem next time. You can check your balance at Regal Movie store or through the website at www.regmovies.com.

How much is Regal unlimited?

Here is the Regal 'Unlimited' Plan cost:
Submission for the 'Original Unlimited' plan is $18.00 per month tax include or $216.00 for annual payment.
Submission for 'Unlimited Plus' Plan is $21.00 per month tax include or $252.00 for annual payment.
Submission for 'Unlimited All Access' Plan is $23.50 per month tax include or $282.00 for annual payment.
The submission price is about to change anytime. But if you have been submitted with the old price, it will not affect.

Can I use an AMC gift card at Regal?

You cannot use an AMC card at regal. Regal and AMC are not the same company, they have a separate office, director, and management. So, it’s not possible to use the AMC gift card at Regal and vice versa.

How much are popcorn and a drink at Regal cinemas?

The price may vary, it different base on your location. So, you can check the updated price on their website at www.regalmovies.com. It also provides a list of menu that they offer based on your area. The range price of popcorn is around $6.89 - $8.89, available in small, medium, and large. While the range for a drink is about $3.29 - $6.79, they provide coffee, bottled water, and a fountain drink. Other than that, they have another snack and combo packages.

How to redeem Regal premiere movie tickets?

It only takes a few steps to redeem Regal Premiere Movie Ticket. You can redeem via Regal APP by following these steps:

  1. Open up the Regal APP.
  2. Select the movie you want to watch.
  3. Click on the ‘Buy Ticket’ button.
  4. Select the date and time and the number of tickets.
  5. Enter the promo code and 15 digits’ ticket number.
  6. Click ‘Redeem.’

You will get a notification once the redemption success.

What time does the Regal cinema open?

Regal opens to serve its customer from 12-afternoon while the Regal cinema opens the door at least 30 minutes before the film play. For more information about the updated time, you can visit their website.

Who owns regal cinemas?

Regal Cinema is the most popular theatre in the US. It was founded in 1989 and grow bigger rapidly. Since 2017, Cineworld acquired Regal Entertainment Group and now Regal operates under the management of Cineworld which is one of the world's largest cinema chains.

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