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Do you know Del Taco Survey on What comes to your mind when you come across a Del Taco outlet? The first time I came across one was with my sons on our way from school tournament. They were hungry and needed a place to grab a bite. When we spotted the bright Del Taco logo, we had to drive through to see what they heard.

Driving through was the beginning of our love for the American style Mexican food. I ate burritos while my sons had a Taco each, what as noticeable was the ingredients in the food that they serve. You could feel each element and how they fuse each other in your mouth as you eat.

The food was finger-licking good such that from that day, we keep coming in now and then to have what they have new on the menu. Not only do they serve Tacos and burritos, but they also have cheeseburgers, fries, tostadas, and other Mexican delicacies.

The Mexican food place is warm and welcoming. The employees that they have freshly make every food you order and make sure you live their premises full and satisfied. They also have a guest satisfaction survey for you to give your feedback on how your visits have been.

Del Taco Survey Details on

Must purchaseYes
Survey prize$1 off on next $3
Age limit13 +
Entry limitNone
Survey Del Taco Survey Prize


Del Tacos appreciate you for the time you take to give your feedback. That is why they treat the information you provide confidentially and make changes to make you happy. They use the data you give to make de Taco a better place to be the next time you visit.

That is not all. Del Taco has a discount for every customer who takes the survey. When you take time to give your feedback through my opinion Del Taco, you get $1 off in the next $3 or more you spend during your next visit. Now you have a reason to take the survey, right?

About Del Taco Order Order

Imagine starting a business, and on the first day, you get $169 sales, it sounds less, right? If it was 1964, it could be like hitting the jackpot. That is what the first Del Taco did on the first day they opened their door. They sold Tacos for 19 cents and cheeseburger for 24 cents.

Having that much sale in a day was a morale booster. Ed Hack Barth and David Jameson were determined more than never to continue making the same dishes since there was demand for it. Not only did they start selling cheeseburger and Tacos but they also have fries, burritos, and tostadas

In 1967, Del Taco came up with its logo of the sun on top of green hills on a red background. What many people don’t know, and I am sure you, too, don’t know is that the logo has a hidden meaning. It is as a result of three main ingredients that they use almost every day. It is the cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes that they use in the dishes.

Del Taco is available in many locations. In 2000, they got permission to operate on military bases. Over 300 outlets may sound like slow growth, but they concentrate on serving quality food for customers to continue coming in. One of the ways they use to know whether customers are pleased or not is through a survey.

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Del Taco Survey on

When was the last time you had food in a fast food place and got a chance to give your opinion on what you got? I know it is rare, right? Well, Del Taco is different. They have a way where customers can give their feedback after dining at their place.

Del Taco has a draft of questions available at is a set of questions that the management has come up with to cover the whole dining experience. The management expects customers to answer the questions and in the process, give how their visit was.

Del Taco wants to know whether you are happy every time you walk in to enjoy the Tacos or cheeseburger. Do you always get what you want? Are the prices friendly? Is the Taco place clean? Also, how are the workers treating you each time you visit?

With the information you give, Del Taco management can know what goes on in outlets. They can gauge their service delivery and understand where they need to change to make customers happier and satisfied. They know delighted customers always come back for more, so revenue continues streaming.

What do They Ask in Del Taco Survey on

Do you know Del Taco Drive-thru is open 24 hours is a day? Yes, that is something I have noticed every time I drive from work late at night and need to grab some snacks on my way home. If you are like me, I know they are handy, especially if you are not in the mood for going to cook after a tiresome day.

After grabbing your dish at Del Taco, it is always right to tell them how happy you are or not. That is why you need to know what the questions entail. The questions are general, simple, and easy to answer. You don’t need any specialized knowledge to answer them. After all, it is about your experience, right?

Del Taco wants to know how often you visit their outlet. Do you take away, dine-in, or drive-thru? The questions are also are about the quality of the food you eat. Is it as you expected, or what do you suggest they change to make it better? They ask about the prices set against the food item you choose to have.

Del Taco wants to be the best in the industry. It is essential for them to know how they rank among the competitors. That is why they need customers to rate their food and services. These and more are what the survey is about. Please answer the questions as genuine as possible to give them an insight.

Del Taco Survey Rules and regulations on in Soanish in Soanish

Rules and regulations make everything uniform. It makes every participant equal and has a fairground. Del Taco has rules that participants should follow when taking the survey. Read and understand them here before you continue to give your feedback:

  • You must be 13 years and older. Del Taco has customers of all ages coming to their premises to enjoy the dishes they serve. Families and friends enjoy their delicious food in all locations they are in. The management expects that customers ho take the survey be 13 years and above.
  • You must visit to give your feedback. The survey is for royal customers who take the time to visit their premises and enjoy their Mexican foods. For you to take the survey, you must walk into the Del Taco neat you and have some of their dishes to get the experience.
  • You are legible for one coupon code per person, and the gift is not transferable. Once you take the survey and finish, you get a coupon code to say thank you. Please note that once you get the discount coupon, you are not supposed to transfer it to someone else. Only you can use the offer to redeem the discount.
  • No employee or relatives are allowed to take the survey. The Del Tacos outlets have workers ho assist them in their daily operations. To avoid any conflict of interest, make sure you don’t work in any of the outlets or don’t have a relative who works for Del Taco.
  • You must follow all the steps of the survey for you to receive the survey coupon. As you shall read below, the survey involves steps you must follow for you to start and complete the survey. It is essential for you to not that you must follow all the steps for you to receive the coupon. Del Taco Survey Requirements

You also must note that you need for the survey. What enables you to give your feedback without any difficulties? The following are the requirements you need for the survey:

  • A network-enabled device. The survey requires you to go online for you to do that. You must have a laptop, android phone, or PC with stable network connections.
  • You must have a receipt from your previous visit. The reason why you must visit to take the survey is to get a receipt. The receipt has a survey invitation code that you need for the survey.
  • Know English and Spanish. The survey questions are available in Spanish and English language. The survey site requires you to choose the language you can easily understand and read between the two.

Del Taco Survey Guide

After having all you need for the Del Taco survey, it’s time to give your feedback. The process is easy and takes you less than 10 minutes to fill in the survey questions. Follow the following steps to take the survey:

  1. Enjoy a dish at a Del Taco near you. The first rule is you must purchase, right? For you to do that, note the Del Taco near you or the one you visit most and have a dish. You have a lot on the menu to choose from, and all you have to do is walk in hungry. After visiting, pay for your meal and get the receipt.
  2. Save your receipt. A receipt is one of the requirements you need for the survey. It has the necessary invitation code and store code you need to enter in the Del Taco survey site. Save the receipt and take it out whey o are ready for the survey.
  3. Take your network-enabled device. Visit the survey site The site has the official bright logo and two Tacos smiling at you. It also has a welcoming message for every customer who visits the website to give their feedback,
  4. Choose the language you want to proceed with. Likes said earlier, you have to choose between English and Spanish to give your feedback. They are the official languages for the Del Taco survey. Choose one that you can understand to proceed to the next step.
  5. Take the receipt to retrieve the code. Take the receipt you saved and look for the four-digit code of the Del Taco you paid a visit. It is on top of your receipt and is easier to find. Also locate 15-digit survey invitation code at the bottom of the receipt. Once you locate the two codes and enter them correctly, you gain aces to the survey questions.
  6. Start giving your Del Taco experience according to ho your visit was. The management wants you to answer the questions that they have on the site for you to effectively give your feedback. Give your valid account whether good or not, as that is hat the management wants to know.
  7. After you complete the survey questions, the surveys site ants to know you more. They ask you about your gender, interests, full names, and email before finally sending you the coupon code. Please write it down on the receipt you had for the survey as you need it when redeeming your discount coupon.

Del Taco Contact

Call Del Taco customer care team on 1(800)852-7204 for help in case you encounter difficulties in taking my opinion Del Taco survey. You can also find them online in case you want to chat with one of their team members for help. Follow them on official social media pages to know more about the survey and offers.


Del Taco was a success from the start. Having sold $169 on the first day in 1964 was enough morale to keep the American style Mexican food restaurant. They have slow, but steady growth with locations even inside military bases give them your feedback on survey and win a $1 off on the next $3 you spend during your next visit.

Del Taco Frequently Asked Questions

What time does del taco stop serving breakfast?

Del taco serve breakfast for 10 hours. They start at midnight and remains serving before noon. The exact timing of serving breakfast is 11:00 pm to 11:00 am.

Who owns del taco?

Del Taco, the cheap food chain established in the Mojave Desert in 1964, will be procured by a Chicago organization in a two-advance exchange esteeming Del Taco at about $500 million. Toll Acquisition Corp. said Thursday, that it would change its name to Del Taco Restaurants Inc.

What time does del taco close?

Del taco lobby has standard time for closing. They have changes their working durations according to the sale. Some remains open till late night and some closes at 12:00 am. While the standard time is only 12:00 am.

What time does del taco open?

Whatever the closing time will be, the opening time is fixed and it is 07:00 am. The closing time changes according to the need, but there is no fluctuations in opening time.

What is a stoner burrito at del taco?

There's really a mystery menu thing called the "Stoner Burrito" Man, do they know their clients. This present buddy's just request capable by name in the Inland Empire, however when you get it, you'll feel like a virtuoso. It's a 1/2-pound bean-and-cheddar burrito-bohemoth with red sauce, extraordinary sauce, and crease cut fries.

How many calories in a del taco?

Del taco is Mexican traditional dish and it is made of a small hand sized corn and wheat tortilla. The tortilla is then folded around the filling, so all this contains 226 calories. It us also available in beef, lettuce and cheese.

How much is a del combo burrito at del taco?

Del combo burrito is famous dish at Del taco. The charge $5.99 for Seasoned meat joined with moderate cooked beans produced using scratch, hand-ground cheddar and lively red sauce, enveloped by a warm flour tortilla, which is Del combo burrito.

How much do del taco employees make?

Del taco pays hourly rate to its employees. Del Taco Team Member makes $10 every hour. Colleague time-based compensation at Del Taco can extend from $8 - $13. They make minimum $30, 000 and maximum $546,478 per year.

How many calories in a del taco xname burrito?

Del taco xname burrito is such like del taco burrito, but it is changed in its ingredients. It contains less calories than Del taco burrito. It contains 450 calories which is less than Del taco burrito.

What does del taco mean?

Taco means bread rich with mixtures. Casa is known for the restaurant. Del is a Spanish word meaning for. Casa del taco means a restaurant of breads. As, its main theme was about breakfasts, that's why they put name casa del taco.

How old do you have to be to work at del taco?

The minimum age to work on Del taco is 16 years. They don't hire before that age as they work with knives, so according to law, man should be at the age of 14 years and 9 months to work with knives. They also need food handler card for hiring.

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