Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad

Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad – What Make it the Best

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Are you a salad eater? Are you the kind of person who wakes up and thinks of a salad? Do you look in a menu and skip a salad because of the plain look and the thought of a bunch of greens in a bowl? Well, am here to tell you about wonderful things a salad can do.

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if you are a keen person when it comes to eating, you must know that salad is a good thing for you. whether you make it at home or order it from a restaurant, you get to gain a lot from a bowl of salad. Did you know you can have a bowl of salad as a main meal?

Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad

Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad

Salads have been adopted as a way of having meals. Many restaurants have come up with a way of serving a salad as a main dish. It is a wonderful way of making yourself full of longer without adding calories, so why have a salad?

Before I get into details why a salad bowl is good for you, let me state this. Salads are a mixture of fruits and vegetables packed in a bowl and added all the elements to make it balanced. It may have proteins, fats and loads of vegetables. The amazing facts of a salad are the low calories.

Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad

If you love salads, you will want to have them at least once a day. If you are trying to lose weight or maintaining it, having a salad is a sure way of keeping your calories down in a day. A wonderful way of making sure you have a bowl is by having it in your nearest restaurant.

Chick-fil-a have cobb salad in their menu. It is a salad that people go for whenever they walk into their premises. That is because the chef has made it her business it makes sure the salad serves hat the customers need, so what is in the salad?

The chef has made it sure that their salad conforms with the elements of a good salad. That is by adding all the elements that are necessary for a salad to be considered good and healthy for you. If you are already salivating, read along to know more.

Good elements of Chick-fil-A cobb salad

Originally made in the 1930s in Hollywood brown derby restaurant, the cobb salad is made to fulfil all the nutritional benefits of an individual. When you have a salad, there is no need for another meal. That is because you will stay full for longer and still get all the nutrients for the day.

According to the chef, the intention of making the cobb salad at Chick-fil-a is because of the demand. It has been the peoples favourite. Chef Angela Watlington says that she was intimidated to make a new version of the original Cobb salad.

She says the chick-fil-a salad version is created to honour the classic Cobb salad. Her intention is to make the client eating experience better by creating something new while maintaining the original taste and version of the cobb.

She clearly does so by mixing textures and have elements of surprise in the salad. She chops the greens large enough for the customer to see all the colours yet have an easy time eating the salad. She says makes the salad has all the elements by;

  • Putting vegetables

Every salad must have vegetables. That is the purpose and the main ingredient of a salad. She mixes vegetables of all shades so that when you eat the salad, you will get the benefits of all vegetable. Vegetables give you a full load of vitamins.

That is why she uses tomatoes, roasted corn, red bell pepper, carrots, shredded red cabbage, romaine lettuce and baby greens to make sure you have all the benefits of greens. When you eat vegetables, you gain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants to benefit your body.

  • A protein

Yes, they have a protein in their cobb salad. Having a protein is part of making sure the sad is a full meal. A leans source of protein, the chicken is a wonderful way of making sure your salad is balanced. Proteins are for body repair and bodybuilding.

They have many options to choose from. When you make an order of the salad, you have options on how to have your protein, you can have it as the following options;

  • Cobb salad with or without chicken.
  • Cobb salad with or without chicken strips.
  • Cobb salad with or without grilled fillet.
  • Cobb salad with or without a
  • Cobb salad with or without grilled nuggets.
  • Cobb salad with or without grilled fillet.

It is to make sure the client has a choice to choose from. They understand the customer has different preferences when it comes to the choice of protein to have. With chick-fil cobb salad, you will be served with a protein of your choice.

  • The fats

For your salad to be balances, you must have fats in it. while fats are seen to be bad, in a diet, your body needs fat in order to function and carry out mechanism. To meet the daily requirements of fat intake, they have made sure you have fays in the salad.

They use the cheese and olive oil to make sure you get your daily dose. They also make sure they don’t put it in excess. What you will have will be enough for you. that is by measuring the right quantity so that it does not raise the total number of calories.

  • Dressing

It is used to add a twist to the salad. To make your taste bud burst with flavours. They are used to pour on top of the salad ingredients to add more taste to the salad. At Chick-fil-a, they have a lot of options for you to choose from.

You can go for all the salads they have on the menu. What you should remember is that dressings add calories to the salad. It is up to you to be wise and go for the one with the least calories. They recommend you to go for avocado lime ranch dressing or the fat-free honey mustard dressing.

5 Benefits of Chick-fil-a cobb salad

Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad

Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad

It is always good to ask yourself the question before you eat. Knowing the answer will help you decide whether to eat something or not. Eating a salad has its own benefits and that is what you should know before you go ahead and enjoy.

Salads are always recommended by nutritionists die to their benefits. They are known to be one of the sorts of foods by people who are conscious of what they are eating. The following are the benefits of eating chick-fil-a cobb salad;

  1. Low in calories

There is nothing fulfilling than knowing what you will eat will not add calories in your body. If you are losing weight, it is always your job to make sure you consume fewer calories in a day. That is hat salads come in handy.

They are full of vegetables which are known to be low in calories. That means you can eat as much as you want and your daily calorie count will still be low. You will not gain weight by eating a cobb salad every day. That is why people always go for the salad.

To make the calories low enough, what you should concentrate on is making sure that you make the right choice when it comes to the dressing that you will use. Always go for the one with the lowest calories like the avocado lime ranch dressing or the fat-free honey mustard dressing.

  1. Increase your daily fibre intake

As you know, fibre intake is vital for your body. They are essential components that your body needs to digest food. The fibre helps keep bloating problems away together with constipation complications.

If you are losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight by eating right, having a bowl of cobb salad will help you in this. That is because the fibre in your body helps in keeping the cholesterol level low enough. With a chick-fil-a cobb salad bowl a day, you will be healthy and in the right shape.

  1. Vitamins

Vitamins are one of the vital elements that you need to consume every day. According to doctors and nutritional advice, you are supposed to consume more vitamins in your plate than any other food. They have a lot of benefits to our body.

When you consume vitamins, they help in keeping many diseases away. That is because they have antioxidants that fight deadly diseases from destroying our body. They also help in lowering your body blood pressure when released in your blood stream.

Colourful vitamins like the carrots and tomatoes help in adding the sight. They have the beta carotene vitamin that helps in improving your vision. The other vitamins available are beneficial in our body as they enable it to function properly.

  1. Smart Fats

Unlike the myth that fats are bad to our body, they are not. Our body requires good fats to make body elements that it needs. What you should know is that there are good and bad fats. You should concentrate on making sure you consume good fats.

Good fats are fats that appear naturally from what you consume. The vegetable fats that we find in the food that we eat or extracted like the olive oil and the mustard seed oil is what you should be looking for. Those that appear naturally includes in avocados and nuts.

  1. The salad makes you full

You eat to give your body the necessary elements it needs to function. You may find yourself eating food and feel hungry within some few hours. That is because most of the time we tend to eat food full of empty calories.

That food with the empty calories makes you full but feel hungry after a few hours. The worst thing is that they add your daily calories intake and leave you craving for food latter. The amazing thing about the chick-fil-a salad is that a bowl gets you full.

That means you ill eat the salad and remain full for the rest of the day. You will not go snacking on the ay due to the hunger you will experience. Cobb salad will make you feel full while keeping your daily calories intake low enough for the day.

What you should remember when ordering a chick-fil-a cobb salad

It is important to know how to take the cobb salad. That will help you not to make the common mistakes that people make resulting in an unhealthy bowel. While making an order, always remember;

  • Go for grilled instead of fried

Your cobb salad will involve the use of a protein. At Chick-fil-a, you are given a choice on the protein you want in your salad and how you want it to be. When you are in such a situation, always remember to go for the grilled choice of protein.

Grilling involves the use of a grill to roast the meat unlike the fried with will include the use of additional oils to the meat. The aim of the salad is to make you consume fewer calories. Don’t choose something that will add the number of calories in your bowl.

  • About the salad dressing

The dressing is another way of adding calories into your salad. It is therefore advisable for you to choose the one with the lowest calories. Go for a healthier one and the one that will reduce the number of calories in your bowl. Chick-fil-a gives you wonderful choices.

You should adopt the habit of eating cobb salad more often. With the vegetables, protein and the dressing, you will get the full benefits that come with a salad plus the flavours from the dressing will make you ant more. Chick-fil-a salad is a perfectly made salad for you always.

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